Frequently asked questions
about light and sound technology

What is a light and sound machine?
What are some examples of altered states of consciousness and how do they differ from normal states?
Who can benefit from this technology?
What happens during a session?
What is achieved by experiencing these states of consciousness?
What are ‘binaural beats’?
How often can I use my light and sound machine?
Does it work for everyone?
Are there people who should not use it?
Are there advantages to altering the sound options (sound, pitch and binaural) or is it simply a matter of preference?
There are only four basic types of brainwaves. How then do I actually achieve the larger variety of mental and emotional states named in the sessions?
Sometimes I fall asleep during a session. If it’s not a session designed to put me to sleep, what should I do?
Is there any danger to running the LiteFrames and headphones at maximum volume and brightness? Are lower settings less effective?
Can I run a session with the sound alone or the light alone?
Sometimes I am interrupted in the middle of a session. I can press the pause key, but when I return, is it better to pick up the program where I left off or just start over?
Is it required that I concentrate for a session to be effective?
Is light/sound recommended for small children?
Can I open my eyes during a session?