About Theta Technologies

Theta Technologies

Theta Technologies, co-owned by Richard Daab and Michael Stevens, has been selling light and sound machines since 1991. The first light and sound machine in the Theta product line was the 36-program Voyager. Seeing the need to reach the greatest number of people, Theta chose network marketing as a sales vehicle. This approach put them in contact with many thousands of customers, which allowed them to receive direct feedback about the kinds of features and sessions users wanted most in a light and sound machine. Theta’s research and development in the 90s, which included partnering with many of the world’s leaders in neurotechnology, helped establish light and sound as the effective, safe and affordable means of self development it is today. Theta has since transitioned away from network marketing into a traditional direct-to-consumer model. Today, the two light and sound machines in their product line, the Mind’sEye and the Galaxy, are the most consumer-friendly and easy-to-use light and sound machines available.

Richard Daab (president)

From 1986–1991 Richard Daab was an editor at Magical Blend Magazine. While working there he became familiar with the emerging field of neurotechnology and established contacts with many of its participants. In 1988 he started Inner Technologies, a mail-order catalog which specialized in “tools for the expansion of consciousness.” Seeing the need for a more direct way of marketing this equipment, he founded Theta Technologies in 1991, which continues to specialize in the sale of light and sound machines.

Michael Stevens (vice president)

Prior to joining Theta, Michael Stevens worked in business for 21 years. His enthusiasm for helping others move forward in their lives led him to become the first distributor for Theta Technologies in 1991. He traveled the United States and led seminars on light and sound technology. In 1993 he partnered with founder Richard Daab and now serves as co-owner and vice president. His work with thousands of people using light and sound machines has given him a perspective into light and sound therapy that is unparalleled in the industry. Michael has had a “near death experience” and is an avid meditator.