Mind\'sEye Light and Sound Machine from Theta Technologies

The Mind's Eye

Feature-rich and easy to use with 75 sessions designed by the leading researchers in the field of neurotechnology.

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The Galaxy

Powerful and easy to use. Cost-effective light and sound with 30 unique programs that give you all the types of sessions you want.

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Discover the benefits

Relaxation, meditation, restful sleep, accelerated learning, peak performance, goal achievement, and more.

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relaxation and meditation

The ability to achieve deep relaxation and meditative states is one of the main reasons people choose light and sound technology. Research shows that managing stress is essential for physical health and well-being. The Mind’sEye and Galaxy come with pre-programmed relaxation and meditation sessions that can help you de-stress quickly and easily.

turbo charge your goals

In this age of information and technology, knowledge translates into success. The highest achievers must also be effective learners. Using the learning sessions in the Mind’sEye or the Galaxy mind machines will help tune you to the optimal state for accelerated learning, comprehension, memorization, and more.


You know that you are most creative when you’re in the right state of mind, what some call “the “zone.” By using the Galaxy or Mind’sEye light and sound systems before creative activities, you can be in the the state of mind where you are most receptive to creative insights. Unlock the door to creative breakthroughs and creative and problem-solving.